Abstract: The experimental set up of Cold room, at Dattwad, Tal- Shirol, Dist- Kolhapur (Near Narsobachi Wadi) on prepared model of cold storage, The compressor, condenser unit, evaporation unit, expansion valve are used and special experimental cold storage box is attached with refrigeration system, the device, thermo couple are attached with this cooling unit here the design experiments is based on Air Cooling system. In this paper we are designing the cold storage plant which is maintaining at -25C. At this temperature all types of foods are stored liked fruits, ice-creams and all dairy products. In this work our main objective is to Optimum insulation thickness, Area of wall, compressor capacity of cold storage. Also this project deals with different aspects of design of cold storage and includes all standard refrigeration principles and heat load factors which are normally considered in a cold storage design.

Keywords: Blast Freezer, Design, Refrigeration, Cold-Storage.