Abstract: An oscilloscope, known as a scope, CRO or DSO is a type of electronic test instrument using which we can observe constantly time varying signal voltages, usually as a 2-D graph in which we can represent electrical voltages using the vertical axis plotted against time. Oscilloscopes nowadays we use today are CRO or DSO which is little bit difficult to use as well as not portable and consumes more power. The system proposed consists of hardware device and an android application. This measuring System is based on Android device with application and equipped with Bluetooth Module which can measure input signal using Micro-controller and send this input signal to the Bluetooth of An Android Smartphone’s. The hardware includes circuitry to capture the input voltage signals and an embedded Bluetooth module will transmit the captured signal information to an Android device for displaying the waveform. Using Android Smartphone we can observe Square Waveforms and Triangular Waveforms, Sinusoidal Waveforms. In this system an Android Software Application has been designed and developed for Smartphone based on android platform whose function is to display the information in the form of different parameters like Square, Triangular, and Sine Wave etc. This range for application to work is 30 meters between the Bluetooth of the Android device and external Bluetooth device. So this handy oscilloscope can be carried anywhere and is easy to use.

Keywords: dsPIC33FJ16GS504, Bluetooth module, Android phone.