Abstract: The design and development of microcontroller based heart beat rate, blood pressure, body temperature measurement using fingertip, monitoring them all at once is a costly process. In this paper, a low cost and portable method is proposed and implemented to measure heartbeat, blood pressure and temperature from human body using the microcontroller device with LCD output. Heart rate of the subject is measured from the finger using infrared sensors. Blood pressure using wrist band and temperature by temperature sensor. The heart rate is a parameter most significance to medicine, physics and many other fields. The heart rate is closely related to the function and status of the human heart. More than two million people are at high risk of having heart attack. It would be helpful if there was a way for these people to monitor their heart. So, we have a problem. That is the way our project focuses on how we can utilize this problem and find a solution. The heart rate of a person is different depends on the age. The most heart rate measuring tools and environments are expensive and do not follow ergonomics. Here heart is measured by employing the pulse method i.e. blood flow in to the finger. Heart rate for healthy person is around 72 beats per minute, babies have a around 120 bpm, older children have heart rate at around 90 bpm.

Keywords: fingertip sensors, microcontroller, LCD, power supply, Keil uVision.