Abstract: An importance of portability is well known to us so to achieve this, we are going to design a system which we can carry anywhere. Using this system we can not only transfer data but also we are able to see the transfer of the particular file which we are going to transfer by using graphical display .Hence the system to be designed will be more compact .In our project we are going transfer data between different USB devices using Raspberry pi and ARM7 without using any computer or laptop .As shown in block diagram four USB devices can be connected to Raspberry pi while one USB device can be connected to ARM 7.Out of these various devices one device can act as a master while others will act as slaves. After sending particular command to processor ,the processor will start fetching data from master USB device and ARM processor will wait from the signal from destination or slave USB.As soon as processor gets the signal from destination device data transfer operation get started.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, ARM7, USB, Graphical display.