Abstract: Now a days, difficult task for construction sites is to track workers spread out across a large construction areas. It becomes more difficult when construction site collapse. Many sites use radio system but to overcome the demerits of radio system we are using wireless technology for tracking of workers. A location and tracking system is very important for sefty in future. For accurate location information is being used these system in the construction site. We have to implement an accurate location tracking mechanism using Zigbee with providing information of changes in atmosphere. The system can be applied outdoors especially in big construction sites for avoiding accidents. Wireless sensor networks have been developed widely. Sensor networks has sensor nodes which are very small size and low cost. One of the critical wireless sensor network applications is localization and tracking mobile sensor nodes. ZigBee is a new n rising technology for low rate, low power and low range communication networks, which aims to provide long battery life for network devices. The communication of transreceiver with base stations is through Zigbee module. We also include sensors such as temperature, vibration and humidity to intimate the base station and workers when some atmosphere changes occur. We are using real time system for continuous monitoring purpose.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Zig.ee, Sensors, Tracking.