Abstract: In todayís world the use of RFID technology is increased in the fields like health-care, transportation, agriculture, and hospitality- industry because of most popularity of RFID technology. In our project the main purpose is that, to save the valuable time and energy required for maintaining attendance records of students. Attendance Monitoring System by Using Zigbee and RFID technology are designed to collect and manage studentís attendance record from RFID devices installed in an educational institute. After the verification of the student identification in the classroom, the system could generate simplified student attendance database for analysis purpose in schools or collages. The RFID system consists of an RFID tag, reader and a user interface computer. When the RFID tag is activated by the Radio Frequency field, then it transmits back the identification contents stored in memory by modulating the incoming Radio Frequency field. The reader detects and demodulates the signal and identifies the tag shown by teacher or student. Objective of our project is to install proposed system in colleges or schools which help to element the wastage of time taken by manual attendance system. The major problem faced by whole world is unnecessary use of energy devices which causes wastage of energy; our project is going to solve this problem by add-on energy saving system.

Keywords: Energy saving system, IR Module & Attendance Monitoring System, Zigbee, RFID.