Abstract: Now-a-dayslife is full of rush and India is fastly moving on the path of being a promising super power and an economic hub. But this goal can be achieved if large number of woman participate in the development process. Today’s modern women have acquired high offices in India including that of the president, prime minister, speaker of the loksabha and even in field of aeronautics, military, IPS, IAS, etc. Even today women have achieved top positions in job and society, yet they are facing problems such as physical harassment and sexual assault. The cases of harassment and rapes on women are increasing hence security issue for such woman is more important. So it is essential to develop system to provide security to women. The system allows women to protect herself from attackers. By pressing the button of the system a helping message along with her location will be transmitted by the system to the police station and her few relatives, so that they will get aware of her current situation. Along with the message she is also able to give shock to the attacker with the help of system. So she get some time to get rescue from that attacker.

Keywords: ARM Controller, GPS, GSM, Women Security