Abstract: In this paper a voice controlled wireless smart home system has been presented for elderly and disabled people. The main goal of this system is to control home appliances by using voice commands. The proposed system can recognize the voic commands,convert them into the required data format, and send the data through the wireless transmitter. In this the home appliances are controlled according the commands given by the human and the commands are recongnized by the speech recongnizer and the commands are processed by the microcontroller and loads are controlled according to the instuctions given to the microcontroller by the programmer. These commands are transmitted to the receiver from transmitter through the zigbee wireless communication zigbee works as a transreceiver here, the commands of our speech are transmitted to the receiver through zigbee from the speech recongnizer kit and the controller. The receiver side zigbee will receive the commands from the transmiter and zigbee and then to the controller and loads are operated through these commands.

Keywords: Level Shifter ,LCD Display,Micro-controller 8051 ,Voice Recognizer ,MAX 232 ,Relay Driver ,Zigbee.