Abstract: Agriculture is source of livelihood of majority Indians and it also has great impact on economy of the country. In dry areas where there is inadequate rainfall or when a farmer is not aware how use water when there is water storage or when there is no water storage irrigation become studious. Wireless sensors networks is an automated irrigation system used to enhance the use of water for agricultural crops. System consists of a wireless network that is the soil moisture sensor placed under the soil where plants roots are reached which is distributed network. The system has water level sensor which will indicate the presence of water level in tank. Gateway unit manages information related to the sensors triggers actuators and data transmitted using GPRS module. A software application was developed by predetermining the threshold values of soil miniature and water level that was programmed into an arm controller. The data from GSM module is transmitted or received from or to mobile using software application or normal texting mode which optimizes the use of water quantity. Control voltage fluctuation to get system work properly.

Keywords: GSM system, water level sensor, soil moisture sensor.