Abstract: Here the wildlife observation robot with night vision capability system makes use of RF remote joystick to operate the robot on which the night vision camera is being mounted 360 deg. This allows the user to control the robotic vehicle wirelessly and get required angled of these wild animals. This video is recorded and can be viewed on PC for reference later. So wildlife observers can now safely get close footage of wild animals by operating this robotic vehicle without any threat from a safe distance. This system consists of an 8051 family microcontroller CPU unit used for processing user sent through the RF transmitter circuit. These signals are received by the RF receiver mounted on the robot. The microcontroller then processes this data and passes on signals to driver motors to control the robot. The driver motors now in turn operate the motors by providing required signal outputs to drive the vehicle movement motors. Also when the microcontroller receives the camera directional change signal, it then forwards this signal to the camera motor in order to achieve required camera angle. Thus this wildlife observation robot with night vision capability system helps to get a closer view of wildlife with the help of RF remote joystick.

Keywords: RF module, motor driver L293D, Night vision camera, dc motor, night vision.