Abstract: The aim of project is to reduce the problem of traffic congestion which is becoming a very severe problem now a days. The present traffic light system consist of a per defined Hardware which has a fixed time for green light and red light .To optimize this problem made a framework for an intelligent traffic control system. Generally the conventional traffic light system is not depends upon the density of the traffic. So the purpose of a scheme in which the time period of green light and red light is assigned on the basis of the density of the traffic present at that time. This can be done by using IR sensors. Once the density is calculated, the glowing time of green light is assigned by the help of the microcontroller. The sensors which are present on either sides of the road detect the presence of the vehicles and sends the information to the microcontroller. On the basis of those information, micro-controller will decide the glowing time of green light and red light. It means that the timing of the traffic lights is set according to the density of the vehicles. This is going to be very helpful to minimize the traffic congestion and it has a scope in future.

Keywords: Density based traffic control, infra-red sensors, RF transmitter-receiver, microcontroller based algorithm, Vehicle stoppage beyond zebra crossing.