Abstract: Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication technology in medical field. This system consists of both hardware and software component at the patient and doctor ends. The proposed project in this paper provides an image based technique to analyse continuous monitoring of ECG signal and movement of patient by using sensors and digital camera. The system consist of sensors, software (MATLAB), microcontroller, data acquisition unit (computer).The proposed system uses android mobile phone as a interlink between patient and consulting doctor. This method captures the ECG signal and movement of patient from ICU monitoring machine using a digital camera and transmit the data through internet. The prime goal was to develop a telemedical system so that healthcare professional can monitor their patient continuously. The paper proposes a method to capture the image of patient condition using ECG and make the capture image be available to the physician. This system provide information about medical status of patient.

Keywords: Telemedicine, ECG, MATLAB, Android, Sensors, Patient Monitoring System.