Abstract: This paper is to develop a robot capable of performing operations like automatic seeding, irrigation, fertilization. It also provides manual as well as auto control. The main component here is the ARDUINO that supervises the entire process. At the present time, robots are increasingly being integrated into working tasks to replace humans especially to perform repetitive task. Seeding is one of the first steps in farming. During this process seeding is carried out in all the rows of the farming plot. In irrigation process, the soil sensor used for monitoring the environmental condition. It checks this level and alerts the farmer, then slowly applies small amount of water to the planted seeds in all the rows of the farming plot. The fertilization process is same as irrigation process but some crops need fertilizers when the seed germinates and the plant begins to grow. The robot works on solar energy.

Keywords: Solar panel, ARDUINO, Seeding, Irrigation, Fertilization, Soil sensor.