Abstract: An insertion of sheet metal in a press machine is a major problem in a kalburgi industry. To overcome the problem by our project” Press machine automation with AVR control.” There is rapid need of automation reduce human effort and increase the work efficiency, here we are going to design such a system which automatically manage and control the punching operation of sheet metal by using AVR controller This device offer a unique combination of performance power efficiency and design flexibility. AVR (automatic voltage regulator) is a hardware device used to maintain voltage to electronic device. Inductive proximity sensor used for the detection of metal object .When a metal object is placed within the magnetic field generated by the sensor, the resulting current induced from an additional load and the oscillation ceases. This Causes the output driver to operate and depending on the normally open and, normally close the output signal is produced .In this way to detect a sheet metal this is the main aim of the project.

Keywords: Punching Force, AVR controller, Manufacturing Process.