Abstract: The proposed system and implemented using a real time wireless network for bridge structural health monitoring system the main use of this system is of lossless data transmission over few minutes of continuous. This system is used mainly send the environment parameters for observation and to maintain the fettle of bridge. The main challenge is to ensure that the fettle of civil infrastructure bridge is capable of can resist the accumulate weight of all the vehicles that travel in the bridge. Bridges are most important part of society’s infrastructure and secure methods are necessary to monitor them and ensure their safety and efficiency. Bridges contaminate with age and early find out the damage helps in extending the lives and prevent fortunate failure. Most bridges still in used today were built decades ago and are now subjected to changes in load patterns, which can cause localized distress and if not corrected can arise in bridge failure. Recent fortunate bridge failures clearly indicate the urgent need for improving interval-based examination procedures that are qualitative and subjective in nature.

Keywords: 89C51 Microcontroller, vibration sensor, scour sensor, GSM.