Abstract: Now a day’s Automated systems are taking over manual system. Home Automation system using IoT is a system that uses laptops or smart phones to control the basic home functions and features using internet from anywhere around the world. It is used to save the electricity and human energy. Home automation is the automatic control and monitoring of household appliances and residential house features like TV, fans, lights, doors, gate and even the windows. Events can be programmed to be triggered under specific conditions (such as depending on the sensors data), and this can be used in reducing the total energy consumed by some appliances. On the other hand, the system can suggest smart task scheduling. In simple installations, domotics may be as straightforward as turning on the lights when a person enters the room. In advanced installations, rooms can sense not only the presence of a person inside but know who that person is and perhaps set appropriate lighting, temperature, taking into account the day of the week, the time of day, and other factors.

Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Zigbee, Automation, Image Processing.