Abstract: Library is a fast growing sector. A properly updated library will provide most of services to its user. Library management system which is helps for maintaining a database of number of various books to be borrow, return and recording the information of the registered students and librarian also to identify the student identification by using RFID card. With the help of RFID card and tags of the studentís database and books will be loaded on it and paperless work will be done within limited or in very few seconds. This will help in less time consumption. The books which are limited it should be properly circulated amongst all members. So we will be introducing a reservation system for members in which the users can reserve his/her books through GPRS. The number of members can be reserved but first preference will be given to reserved member. Along with this process GPRS technology is also used in order to send message to respective student regarding the due date of the book issued by the student and the fine applicable if the book is not returned on time. The proposed system gives information to the student whether the book to be issued is available or not available. It will be helpful to all library members, so they consume their time and chaos condition in library.

Keywords: GPRS, GSM MODULE, radio frequency identification (RFID), EMBEDDED SYSTEM, ANDROID.