Abstract: Now a days farmers are struggling hard in the agricultural fields round the clock. They do their field work in the morning session and irrigate their land during night time with intermittent intervals. Farmers working in the farm lands are dependent on the rains and boar wells for the irrigation of land. Even if farm land has water pump, manual intervention by farmers is required to turn ON/OFF pump whenever needed. The task of irrigating fields is becoming quite difficult for the farmers due to lack of regularity in their work and negligence on their part because sometimes they switch on the motor and then forget to switch of which may lead to wastage of water. The proposed system, tried to minimize manual intervention by the farmer and helps the farmer to ON/OFF the motor and provide update status of the operation carried out in the agricultural fields via SMS with the help of GSM modem and monitor Temperature, Voltage, Current and Dry run of the motor because farmers are not familiar with the technical problems occurred in the motor.

Keywords: Irrigation, Motor (Water pump), Sensors, Arduino Atmega328, GSM