Abstract: A location aware MobiFeed system enables convenient customers to share geo-marked customer delivered messages, e.g., a customer can get nearby messages that are the most noteworthy to her. Existing LANF structures simply send the most appropriate geo-marked messages to their customers. Shockingly, the genuine confinement of such a present approach is, to the point that, a news reinforce may contain messages related to a comparable territory (i.e., reason for interest) or a comparative order of regions (e.g., food, incitement or wear). We battle that varying qualities is a basic component for zone careful news sustains in light of the way that it helps customers find new places additionally, exercises. In this paper we propose MobiFeed framework which permit the client to choose the classification and in view of that classification client can get news of his/her decision.

Keywords: Location Aware, MobiFeed, Location Aware News Feed.