Abstract: An Location aware mobi-feed framework empowers portable clients to get every continuous way area data and the highlighted news. Here an office get gave to clients that he/she can pick any intrigued area. This paper shows a mobi-encourage framework which keeps versatile clients overhauled portable clients from new news of any spatial and non-spatial location. In this paper we have introduced three key modules that are, client module, server module, web seek module. This area mindful mobi-nourish framework separates itself from all current mobi-bolster frameworks that it empowers clients for getting different fundamental data of a specific area just utilizing this one application rather utilizing distinctive applications for various hunts furthermore clients can pick spatial area as opposed to static point area. The area mindful mobi-bolster framework keeps the portable clients overhauled from progressing or forthcoming areas and the imperative news of any area.

Keywords: Location Aware, mobi-feed, Location Aware News Feed.