Abstract: Aneka is a platform used to develop and manage cloud computing. Aneka is used as PaaS. The feature of the Aneka is used for provisioning resources on public & private cloud. Such as Amazon EC2, Windows Azure etc. Aneka cloud computing use a larger number of resources (computers) to execute their application in distributed ¶llel. Aneka is a market oriented cloud development & management platform with rapid application and workload distribution capabilities. Aneka is integrated middleware seamless package which allows you to build &manage interconnect network. It is market oriented; it allows you to creating, scheduling, monitoring & provisioning result using pricing &accounting in private & public cloud. Aneka is freely available with different version. Aneka is a specially designed to work with the popular environment like .net and provides a choice of programming models to ensure that, your application can get all of the benefits that cloud computing.

Keywords: Cloud computing, jobs cheduling, scheduling algorithm, cloud services, Service Level Agreement, task scheduling, resource utilization.