Abstract: The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized chip or mini computer is used in surveillance to the security of thefts. This system is crucial for the safety purpose of these days. In this paper focuses on only detect the face by using Opencv (Open Source Computer Vision) technique. ARS (Audience Response System) captures and identify the face of the theft and then ARS system notify the user. The process of notification is done by sending short message service (SMS) through Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) Module. The people i.e. human faces, are one of most common and specific objects that we try to trace in images. Face Detection the first step is analyzing the face of thefts then detect the person. In this paper we presented various methods of face detection, which are commonly used. These are various methods are Local Binary Pattern (LBP).

Keywords: Raspberry pi, GSM module, Opencv, Surveillance, Camera, Local Binary Pattern (LBP).