Abstract: The dawn of big data has arisen. Big data may be defined as a term which indicates large sets of data. The challenges that occur due to the big data are its storage, management, capture, curation, sharing, analysis, security, handling, etc. The old or traditional methodologies are not much capable for the above purpose. Hence, it is necessary to know about the upcoming methods regarding the big data and the paper introduces the brief information about it. The concept of big data is becoming popular because of the constant increase need and creation of data. In general, big data is constantly moving data and its size has almost reached till yotta bytes. Certain tools used such a Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassendra and Apache spark to deal with big data are briefly presented in the paper. Also, the terms such as parameters, applications, storage and growth are described.

Keywords: Introduction to big data, parameters and tools of big data, Hadoop, HDFS,Map-Reduce, Apache Spark,MongoDB, Cassendra.