Abstract: This system works on indexed data so it is easy and fast retrieval system over large data with millions and trillions of columns. This system will provide the highly accurate and semantic result with minimal time. Two major components of search engines are the indexing and query process. The indexing process aims to create data structures or the indexes that allows the searching. The querying process will use the structures and user queries to generate a ranked list of documents. Search engines should include the concept, models, techniques and the processes of IR. Search function is an interface between a search engine and users. This function receives userís queries and returns relevant pages to the queries. The pages usually are sorted according to some criteria. Firstly, we should build a text database which is used to store all information retrieved by the user, then determine text model of retrieval system, create index with the model according to the text of database. Ordering can enormously enhance the speed of data recovery which way do you utilize and relies upon the size of data recovery framework. After indexing the documents search requests are submitted by the users and information recovery frameworks and seek the data in the long run return to client.

Keywords: Search Engine, Indexing, Paging, Lucene.