Abstract: In the Disaster (e.g. Natural disaster like earthquake, cyclone etc) situation the communication medium goes down because of high congestion the network is unavailable. In that situation it is important to exchange information .In the disaster situation, due to the high congestion the communication infrastructure is partially or totally goes down or unavailable. However, during such critical situations, there is an acute need for information exchange for both rescue organizations and victims (person in disaster). Temporary communication solutions are important until the infrastructure is restored. In this paper, we start by reviewing communication solutions By using the simple technology which is used everyone able to uphold communications during disasters when the communication infrastructure is destroyed. We present how these solutions can be applied and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each unique approach. In a second part, we present One Android application for establishing the communication. The application is based on the simple technology named as Bluetooth and using that communicates the Rescue team and victims .In that we create the one disaster mode. In the disaster mode, the one who present in the disaster area those takes admin role and searches nearest Bluetooth devices and connect and create one small AD-HOC network. In other side the victim also use the application and turn on the disaster mode and send the rescue message to the rescue team (rescue team is the admin or nearest Bluetooth device). Simply, we demonstrate how these useful technologies such as Bluetooth can be of great value right after a disaster by enabling the self-organization of victims and a better coordination with first rescue team.

Keywords: Bluetooth, Pico net, Disaster.