Abstract: While the Web has evolved to be a global information platform for anyone to use, this web portal is also using the Web to their own advantages. This web portal work within the entire city. Different things included from this city may be ATMís, Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Shops, etc. This web portal will be helpful for citizens to detect the information of particular thing as they require. The owners first register their information with address on the web portal with their unique login ID and password for authentication. Owners can also notifies their daily notifications and also advertise their products on the web portal for increase the business growth. Citizen having no need of any authentication on the web portal. They can just enters into the portal and search their category and find out the nearest address from different available options. A web portal software module executing on a computer system for locating relevant Web pages includes instructions to collect information regarding a user from the web portal. Instructions are provided to register a business profile based on the information collected. Instructions are also provided to receive a search entry from portal. The instant portal software module generates a plurality of queries based on the search entry to search for relevant Web page of addresses.

Keywords: Web portal, Webpages, Addresses.