Abstract: A vehicle tracking system is designed and implemented for tracking the movement of any vehicle from any location at any time. The proposed system made good use of a popular technology that combines a Smartphone application with a GPS. Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication / General Packet Radio Service (GSM/GPRS) technology that is one of the most common ways for vehicle tracking. API of the Google Maps is used to display the vehicle on the map in the Smartphone application. Thus, users will be able to continuously monitor a moving vehicle on demand using the Smartphone application and determine the estimated distance and time for the vehicle to arrive at a given destination. In todays era everyone is using mobile phones for communication. At the same time Mobile Providers are also providing the variety of services to users. In attempt to expand on this, proposed a GPS based vehicle tracking android application for an organization to help to find addresses of their vehicles and locate their positions on mobile devices in real time adding some best services.

Keywords: GPS; GPRS; Monitoring unit; Tracking unit.