Abstract: This paper is proposed the improvised technique of implementing smart ration card. Currently, ration card is very useful to every household for various purposes such as family memberís details, to get subsidized food items and non-food items, gas connection, and also address proof for various purposes. All people having a ration card to get different foodgrain items such as sugar, rice, wheat and non-food items like edible oils and kerosene from fair price shops. But our public distribution system having many drawbacks like all customer details stored in manually in the registers. This may cause to pilferage. Because of security issues, the ration cards are duplicated by the middlemen, so using computerized ration cards can reduce the misuse and frauds. This article proposed biometric fingerprint system implementing security futures in ration cards so it will bring transparency in the public distribution system.

Keywords: Biometric Fingerprint, Fingerprint Classification, PDS.