Abstract: In conventional wireless communication system the problem of estimating the parameters such as coherence time, coherence band width etc. is still not accurate. This problem is mainly due to the fact that the mobile receiver can be in motion and also received signals can arrive along multiple reflected paths. In this work, the channel modeling, optimal location reflectors and scatterers with respect to the location of transmitter and receiver and the optimal valve of angular range with the direction of motion of the mobile receiver are to be explored. The effect of the multipath fading both over time and frequency is also to be considered. The algorithms and schemes proposed in this paper shall benefit in the (i) optimal location of scatterers around a receiver moving at a variable speed (ii) realistic modeling of MIMO fading channels overcoming the conventional assumption that fading coefficients between different transmit and receive antennas are independent random variables.

Keywords: Multipath fading, Mobility models, MIMO fading channel, Channel uncertainty.