Abstract: Many vendors are offering subscription-based computing services through the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. Users can purchase resources from different vendors and get the best from each of them to run their applications. But is very complex task to deploy applications in multi-cloud environments. Therefore, application platforms are necessary to help developers succeed. Developer use Aneka to deploy their applications in multi-cloud environments because Aneka provides platform as service. It can be used to provide resources from different cloud providers and can be configured to request resources dynamically according to the needs of specific applications. This paper introduces extensions built into Aneka to support the deployment of applications in multi-cloud environments. The first extension shows the flexibility of the Aneka architecture to add cloud providers. We also discussed the inclusion of public IPs to communicate resources located on different networks. We are reducing the total execution time of an application composed of independent tasks when deployed in the multi-cloud environment created by Aneka using Azure and EC2-supplied resources.

Keywords: IaaS, PaaS, Aneka, Map Reduce.