Abstract: Cloud computing is the Internet regarded as a shapeless omnipresent space for processing and storage. Cloud computing can be defined with having two word which includes “cloud” means internet and “computing” means operations. In short, Cloud Computing can be defined as an internet based operations. Multimedia copyright protection on cloud is a legal way of protecting user’s data which means that whatever data the user has created and uploaded cannot be used or published by anyone else without the consent of the user. The development of Internet has led the multimedia computing to emerge as a technology for generating, editing, processing and searching contents of media like image, audio, video, graphics and such others. This system explores detection of copyright violation of multimedia content like images and videos and will create a method to deny access for uploading such copyright violated images and videos. To keep uploaded data to be copyright protected and deny uploading of copyright violated data by other user’s, various methods have been proposed in this literature.

Keywords: cloud, multimedia, DES, security, copyright.