Abstract: The industrial wastewater released into the environment causes water pollution. High content of toxic metals in the water is a main criteria for the water pollution. Lead is one of the toxic metal present in wastewater at a high rate. Hence, Removal of lead is considered to be a best reason to maintain hygienic environment. Removal of lead is found to be more efficient using packed adsorption processes by acidified neem saw dust. Adsorption kinetics, Thermodynamics parameters like Free energy (G),Change in Enthalpy (H), Change in Entropy (S) were observed. Experimental data is carried away for Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isothermal models and the overall yield at a rate of 6.493 mg/gm shows the best fit in Langmuir model.

Keywords: Lead, Enthalpy, Entropy, Free energy, Acidified Neem Saw Dust, Isothermal models.