Abstract: In the performance analysis of production systems by using the traditional methods of engineering the knowledge of machine reliability factors is assumed to be precisely known. The current study entitled performance evaluation of food industry in India. To analyze and determine the availability of plant a case study has been undertaken from Moga Nestle food private limited industry in India. Various studies evaluating the performance of automated production systems with the help of modeling and simulation and analytical methods have always given priority to steady state performance as compared to transient performance. Production systems in which such kind of situations arises include systems with dysfunctional states and deadlocks, not stable queueing systems. This research work presents an approach for analyzing the performance of unreliable manufacturing systems that take care of uncertain machine factor estimates. The method that is being proposed is on the basis of Markov chain and probability density function discretization techniques for studying manufacture lines consist unreliable machines. To determine the performance of plant, important information has been collected from different systems and subsystems to find out long run availability of whole system.

Keywords: Maintenance policy, Maintenance, Reliability, Replacement, Optimization.