Abstract: In the construction industry, project time & project cost are given upmost priority. But since there are innumerable uncertainties involved in construction, delays in project completion are fairly common which lead to an increase in projectís total cost. Thus project time crashing plays an important role in project management determining which activities duration to crash to complete the project in the stipulated time. But crashing the duration will mean adding more resources which will lead to an increased additional cost of the project. Thus, the paper deals with determining how to crash the project duration so as to complete the project at the earliest with minimum added cost obtaining a Time-Cost Trade-off for the project. Therefore for reducing total project time at the least added total cost and crashing the duration of an actual residential building construction by using primavera to schedule the project with CPM crashed using the Solver add-in of Microsoft Excel.

Keywords: Project management, project crashing, Excel Solver, Critical path method.