Abstract:  In last decades Steel structure has played an important role in construction Industry. It is necessary to design a structure to perform well under seismic loads. The seismic performance of a multi-story steel frame building is designed according to the provisions of the current Indian code (IS 800 -2007). The shear capacity of the structure can be increased by introducing Steel bracings in the structural system. Bracings can be used as retrofit as well. There are „n‟ numbers of possibilities to arrange Steel bracings such as D, K, and V type eccentric bracings. A typical eight-story steel frame building is designed for various types of eccentric bracings as per the IS 800- 2007. D, K, and V are the different types of eccentric bracings considered for the present study. Performance of each frame is studied through nonlinear static analysis.

Keywords: Pushover analysis, Steel frames, Bracings.

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