Publication Policies

Copyright Policy

Copyrights for articles are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal. Authors have right to reuse, republish, archive, and distribute their own articles after publication. The journal is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work.

Data Archiving Policy

IARJSET archive is an accumulation of scientific research papers for a lifetime. All papers must have a data archiving statement and data sources must be cited in the reference list. Citation of datasets is permitted, provided the data repository meets the standards set out in our Data Archiving policy. IARJSET is also archiving published research articles in Crossref, and Google Scholar to ensure long-term availability.

Deposit Policy

IARJSET has lifetime membership with the Crossref research agency in the name of Tejass Publisheers. The Crossref webDepsit forms allow allowing to enter metadata and register DOIs. IARJSET doi is 10.17148.


 Data and software citation is automatically deposited when included with the publisher’s reference deposit

 Precise identification of data, differentiated from other content

 Dataset differentiation between those generated as part of research results from others cited

Electronic Correction Policy

The most recent correct version of published article open accessible for life time. The corrected version will be available only online version. The corresponding author should claim the correction request within 24 hours.

Format corrections, such as misalignment in block diagrams, entity flows, replacing a low-resolution image, table labels and similar minor changes not involving scientific content, can be made at the prudence of IARJSET, without any kind of formal notification.

Errata: An error introduced by the author publisher that affects the integrity of the article, the reputation of the authors or reputation of IARJSET.

Grievances / Complaints policy

IARJSET welcome complaints or grievances from authors or from any external bodies related to published subject matters. IARJSET aims to respond rapidly, politely and constructively. The authors can mail their complaint with research title, Volume and Issue of published article to

Complaints about editorial matters, plagiarism related, appending a author, removal of author, conflicts between author and co-authors and breaching research standards that are sent to Editor-in-Chief – IARJSET, to the corresponding editors, reviewers, technical associates. Simultaneously the acknowledgment will be sent to the respective author within a day. The complaint will be resolved within three to seven days depends on the nature of queries or grievances.

Publication charge policy / Article Processing Charge(APC)

IARJSET are charging lowest fee for research publication. This Article Processing Charge (APC) comprising “article production and hosting, abstracting and indexing services, providing online tools for editors and authors”. The fee is payable ‘when your manuscript is editorially accepted and before publication’ from you / your funding agency / institution / organization.

Open Access Policy

Open Access is a publishing model that provides immediate, worldwide, barrier-free access to the full text of research articles without requiring a subscription to the journal in which these articles are published. Accordingly, readers are allowed to copy, use, distribute, transmit and display the work publicly and to make and distribute derivative works, in any digital medium for any responsible purpose, subject to proper attribution of authorship.

In this model, the publication costs are usually covered by the author’s institution or research funds. These Open Access charges replace subscription charges and allow the publishers to make the published material freely available to all interested online readers. At the same time, authors who publish in Open Access journals retain the copyright of their article.

Withdrawal & Retraction Policy

The authors can withdraw their articles before the publication and registration process. In the event of a retraction, the author can retract their paper after publication, and the publication fee cannot be refunded. Each author of a paper has to sign a retraction request as per the IARJSET retraction policy.

In other cases, if the manuscript violates or is against IARJSET publication ethical standards (replicating, plagiarism, exploiting forgery data) then it will be removed from our repository without any notification.

Submission Policy

Submission of an article entail that entire work illustrated has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, that its publication is approved by all authors. Also there are no submission charges in our journal.

We insist a rigorous viewpoint on the self-plagiarism. The self-plagiarism is plagiarism, as it fails to contribute to the research and science.

Subscription Policy

IARJSET subscription is applicable for Print Journals only. Online access is free for lifetime for any personal, Institution or Industry. It will be considered for after the receipt of payment for 6 months or 1 year. The revised subscription rates will be intimated by an e-mail for every year between November to December or as per existing subscriptions period of institutions or industries.

The print copies will always delivered by a Courier or Speed post to the requested address. A complete catalogue of Print Journal is available.  Order journal

Waiver Policy

Authors who wish to apply for waivers must demonstrate their inability to afford the manuscript handling fee.

Low Income Countries may be granted up to 50% waiver. See World Bank list of Low Income Countries.

Lower Middle Income Countries may be granted up to 30% waiver. See World Bank list of Low Middle Income Countries.

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