Warren S. Celoso
What a great experience for me to be part of this opportunity being one of my research manuscripts as published on your platform. How I wish to send more research manuscripts of mine to establish good rapport with your agency. Thank you for giving me this chance with a fast, reliable positive response and may you have more publishers to engage in your endeavor. God speed

Rafael B. Berte
The expeditious review and publication process, completed within a remarkable three days, has not only accelerated my academic journey but has also significantly contributed to the enhancement of my research skills. Your journal’s commitment to maintaining both speed and scholarly rigor has been instrumental in providing me with an invaluable learning experience.

I am extremely impressed with IARJSET because of the following reasons:
1. Fast response on review
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3. Good formatting of articles
I look forward to publishing my article with you again.

My Positive Experiences 1) it is the platform that increased my research Interest 2) it is timely helping Journal 3). It is encouraging the research field. 4) Its service may be continued further without any hurdles 5)It is the easiest journal everyone can approach in a easy manner.


   Dear IARJSET Publication,
I am writing to express my utmost appreciation for the exceptional service you have provided throughout the publication process. Your commitment to facilitating research articles for publication in a fast and efficient manner has truly impressed me.
From the moment I submitted my research article to the final stages of publication, I was astounded by the speed and convenience of your process. Your team’s dedication to promptly reviewing, editing, and communicating updates ensured that my work reached a wider audience in a timely fashion. This efficient approach has undoubtedly saved valuable time and enhanced the dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community.
Furthermore, I want to commend your publication’s reliability in fulfilling promises to researchers. Your transparency in guidelines and timelines, coupled with your consistency in meeting them, instilled confidence in me as an author. Knowing that I could trust your publication to adhere to the proposed schedule and uphold high standards of quality has been truly reassuring.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at IARJSET Publication for their professionalism, efficiency, and reliability. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to the opportunity of submitting more articles in the future.
With sincere thanks and warm regards,

Dr. S.Gajalakshmi
It’s been a pleasure to share my opinion of my publishing experience in your Journal, first and foremost I admire your immediate responses and also thank the Reviewers for their valuable work, I would like and prefer to publish more papers in the future.

It is convenient working with you as you keep your timelines. I will definitely refer you and also publish with you in future.

Randy R. Koon Koon (Ph.D.)
Many thanks for the professionalism shown throughout this publication process, I look forward to my submission at IARJSET.

Mohammad Tanzil Idrisi
It was a great experience working with you. And the service offered me was genuine and good.

Sunita Sajwan
It is a very nice experience in publishing the paper in IARJSET. The entire team was very cooperative and the reviewer has provided a very nice feedback on my paper.
Thank you very much for publishing my paper in your journal.

Arturo Lacson Tapas Jr.
” I highly recommend IARJSET as the reliable publisher for your scholarly researches in science, engineering and technology; the peer reviewers are efficient in giving their corrections and comments…My sincerest appreciation and Cheers!”

Dr M L Gaur
Thanks for such a prompt and nice work to deliver journal in a fast way…

I am impressed with u journals and it’s ethical functioning.

Rajeev Kumar Sharma
Your working is very fast and excellent and very good experience for me thanks with regards

Dr D P Patil
Dear editor,
Thanks for publication of my paper Dualities between double integral transforms. Your process from publication from sending paper to journal is very easy. Time taken for review the articel is sufficiently small . Thanks one again for simple process.

G Lokanadhareddy
Wonderful experience. Very prompt,accurate and effective management system in publication.

Teresa Oduor
The process has been good. Just make a few improvements and it will be the best. Thanks.

Deva Manojna
This is the best website for paper publication.It is so helpful and responding quickly to our queries.Thank you for your support.

In my view the paper which I published in IARJSET was given a good experience in my career,It went really well.They published very quickly and the quality of the peer review was excellent. IARJSET is more affordable and the submission process is much less arduous. I suggested my friends to publish paper in IARJSET.

Geeta Zaware
Good in all aspects.
Your publication is very superb to me. It is job well done. I will recommend it and help you publicise it keep the good job on. Thanks and congratulation for good job done.

Dr. S. Basavarajappa
Really I feel very to share my experience with your esteemed organization. I very much appreciate your honesty, punctuality and sincerity while attending the publication work. As soon I corresponded with your organization, within no time I got a positive response. It shows your 24/7 working culture. Really I appreciate this enthusiasm and courage to help the researchers like me.
Please enrol or register your Journal with UGC Care List, it would help may researchers who are in fag end of their research work, unable to publish papers, they can publish their work in your Journal within a week so.
It will solve many research scholars problems.

Md. Mehedi Hasan Tito
Thanks for your splendid cooperation. Since this was my first article, it was a great experience for me with your research journal.
Your team deserves lots of thanks especially for the prompt response over my queries.
The entire communication was great. I am working on my next article and appreciate the same support again.

Dr. Manal A.M. Hassan
It gives me great pleasure to deal with a journal have such commitment and seriousness in dealing with researchers in addition to the low publication fee, as well as, I love the Indian people and with my sincere greetings and appreciation for the all.

Rohini B
I got the information about this paper from one of my Professor in my college.

Before this, I searched for many journals but there was large amount of money to be paid for the publication, but during this Covid 19 Pandemic situation I am was not Financially stable.

But in this journal there was minimum amount which I could offer

I thank IARJSET Research team for selecting my Paper and confirmed me for Publication it will surely help for my Future Days

Fatima AL-Qadri
it was great experiment for me to submit my manuscript in your respectful journal it was fast in response honestly thank you very much I wish continuous progress for the journal

Jostna Agrawal
this is the best support i have ever received from any journal

Kishore Kumar G (For PhD)
It was a great & pleasant experience for us in publishing a research article in this journal. It was very easy & faster. Also, the communications got acknowledged and the replies to the queries raised were responded on-time. Overall it was a great experience in IARJSET journal.

Vamsi Mohan
Thank you very much for the quick response and publication. I definitely recommend IARJSET to my other research fellows and students.
I appreciate the turn-around time.

Ankush R, Kayarkar, Research Scholar
I have published two research articles in your journal and found some good positive things about your journal and that are
1. Your journal is UGC approved with peer reviewed open access.
2. Publication is good.
3. Publication process is fast.
4. You are bound to your commitment.
5. You send a certificate to each author that’s pretty good for academician.
6. Inspite of soft copy of certificate, your sending process of hard copy certificate is also fast.

Aruna Sri Dumpala
I received your journal with individual certificates. Thank you very much to publication team.

Mariam Abdul-Salam
It’s our pleasure that we published our paper to your journal, we are so happy. Thank you very much

Thank you very much sir for Publishing my Research Article in your respected Journal. Once Again my sincere Gratitude to sir for your wonderful contribution toward science and Technology. My article publication will continue here after. Dr.K.Sonamuthu..

You are deserved to be praised .Your quick response is the best response that I have seen ever .Your quick publication process is unbelievable one. Your service should be continued like this for ever. your service toward science is the milestone to the development of science and Technology. Your service enhance the minds of the younger and hidden scientist. Hundred thanks to your enriched positiver services Dr.K.Sonamuthu.

sir your journal is a milestone and a bridge between science and Technology You are the best supporter and motivator of scientists Your contribution to the society should .remain the same without any variation. go head with the greater ambition and achieve your future target with simple manner as you are doing now. All the best. Dr.K.Sonamuthu associate Professor Dept of Physics, JNRM Port Blair S.Andaman.

Thanks Sir for the publication of our Research paper.

Priyanka Gohil
I sincerely thank you for publishing my article and giving updates from time to time.

I am very glad to express my interesting experience in Publishing article in IARJSET. When we are sending an original work of an author is immediately accepted as it is.Publication is also very quick. e- certificate of the publication also sent immediately. I feel proud to publish research article in IARJSET Research Journal.

A very quick and fair research publication. Everything is transparent and reliable.

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