Abstract: In this investigation, the beam column joint is an important factor for earthquake resistant design of a framed structures, the bending moment and shear force are maximum in the junction area. It is one of the weakest zone. Exterior joint behaves more critically than the interior joint during the occurances of earthquake. This paper present a review of the experimental results associated with behavior of beam column joint under cyclic loading. In experimental investigation was carried out to study the effect of  basalt fibre in exterior beam column joint. Addition of basalt fibre to the beam column joint is increases to improve the strength, ductility, hysteresis curve of the joints. In the present work, beam column joints have been caste with plain RC and RC fibres. All the specimens has been detailed by the provisions of IS 13920 incorporation similitude requirements. In high performance of M60 grade of concrete used was designed by using ACI method suggested by Aitcin. Volume fraction of fibres used in this study varies from 0 to 1.25%. The results were compared with various plot like envelope curve, stiffness and ductility. The observed that performance of fibre specimens in term of all the above parameters are better than the conventional beam-column joint.

Keywords: Beam column joint, cyclic loading, basalt fibre, high performance concrete.

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