Abstract: Bharuch and Ankleshwar are called as twin cities in Gujarat. These cities are industrial based economic generating urban areas along Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Bharuch – Ankleshwar urban Development Authority had made development plan for these twin cities for 2032. This research papers studies the potentials of land for development plan through GIS based approach. Assessment of Land suitability potentials is an essential advance to recognise the feasible land use in urban planning. Land suitability was done for the Bharuch and Ankleshwar municipal boundaries including the neighbouring villages which are sharing the boundary with the municipalities. Land suitability was conducted by taking different parameters based on the characteristics of these cities and available data, viz. city boundaries, proximity to national highways, proximity to state highways, proximity to village roads, river, slope and water bodes.

Keywords: GIS approach, development plan, land suitability potentials.

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