Abstract:  In this study, laboratory investigations have been carried out on a number of soil samples procured from different roadwork sites. Preliminary properties of soil can be evaluated, such as specific gravity, liquid limit, plastic limit, shrinkage limit, free swell index, and heavy compaction test i.e MDD and optimum moisture content, CBR tests, UCS tests. CBR tests have been conducted for same samples under various conditions of soaked and unsoaked condition with due emphasis on moisture content parameters in the soil sample. In this study for the purpose of comparison three different types of soils stabilizers have been considered to study the variation percentage of red murrum,  sand and steel slag. To study behaviour of percentage addition of sand, red murrum and steel slag in sub grade soil. The CBR value of the sub grade soil is being used widely since a long time in design of pavement structure and is critical in deciding the overall thickness of the pavement. Additionally, for good drainage, a typical specification for the pavement foundation design requires the value of permeability coefficient of the sub grade material to be specified. Thus, UCS and CBR constitute two important parameters in the design and assessment of long-term performance of the pavement. In this project only strength aspects of pavement sub grade have been considered.

Keywords: Index properties, free well, heavy compaction, CBR, UCS, Strength, sub grade   soil.

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