Abstract: Bank security is essential for various reasons; one of those reasons incorporates giving secure keeping money to customers and shielding the bank from false conduct. The primary point of this task is to outline a security system that give proficient method for security to banks, by methods for a propelled entryway bolt system. It is utilized as a part of the fields where security and mystery is the essential imperative. The principle objective is to plan advanced code bolt which is utilized to decrease manual obstruction to the most extreme degree alongside the ultrasonic movement sensor. Here clients are given with discrete passwords by methods for GSM, when they utilize their RF-IDS. On the off chance that any of the clients need to open the entryway or locker then he needs to enter his secret key in the system effectively, at that point the system sends message on the client naturally. This message is sent through a G S M Modem. By this System we give propelled Security in Banks.

Keywords:  PIR sensor, Temperature sensor, Arduino MEGA, IR sensor, Metal Detector.

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