Cutting Edge Technological Challenges in Mechanical Engineering


18th and 19th February 2017

Organized by: 

Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET), Greater Noida


Performance and Emission Characteristics of Kirloskar Diesel Engine Operating on Blend of Sesame Oil and Diesel

Mohd. Yunus Khan, Praveen Pachauri, Atishey Mittal

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Artificial Neural Network based Multi-objective Optimization using Genetic Algorithm for Single Cylinder CI Engine Emission and Performance Parameters using Polanga Biodiesel

Abhishek Sharma, Sintayehu Assefa, Gashaw Getenet

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Experimental Investigation of Slag Splashing in a Converter

Praveen Mishra, Subrata Sarkar

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Erosive Behavior of Polypropylene Fiber Based Needlepunched Nonwoven Reinforced Laminated Composites

Sachin Tejyan, Vedant Singh

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Thermal Stability Analysis Correlation with Fade Performance of Phenolic Based Composite Friction Materials

Tej Singh, Ranchan Chauhan, Sachin Tejyan

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Characterisation of Natural Fiber Polymer Composite

Raghav Garg, Arjun Rawat, R.Rajan

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A Study on Effectiveness of Muffler on a Two-wheeler vehicle Noise

Jashanpreet Singh, S. P. Nigam, L. K. Bhagi

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Investigation of Air Circulation and Temperature Distribution in Car Compartment

Ajay Giri, Brajesh Tripathi, H.C. Thakur

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Green Manufacturing in Iron & Steel industry to win the Threat of Global Climate Change

Shahzad Ahmad, Dr P.Pachauri

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Energy and Exergy Analysis of Trendsetting Internal Combustion Engine: A Review

Pushpendra Upadhyay, Brajesh Tripathi

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Dynamic Modelling and validation of Continuous Beam with Free-Free Boundary Conditions

Puneet Sharma, Ashish Gupta, Anuj Kumar Jain, Vikas Rastogi

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CFD Analysis of a 3d Aerofoil using Ansys Fluent

Leena Bansal, Sandeep Chauhan, Dr. Chandan Kumar, Dr. S. M. Muzakkir, Hasan Zakir Jafri

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Strength Analysis of Fly Ash Replacement in High Alumina Cement

L. Raj, S.S. Pradhan

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Experimental Investigation of the Performance of Tubular Solar Dryer

Adit Rana, Ranchan Chauhan, Muneesh Sethi, Amit Kumar, Varun Bhola

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Processing of Syntactic Foams: A Review

Ankur Bisht, Brijesh Gangil

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A Review on Analysis and Design of Bullet Resistant Jacket -Ballistic Analysis

Shashi Kant, S. L. Verma

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A Comprehensive Review of Friction Stir Welding on Metal Matrix Composites

Pinki Singh, Sanjay Kumar

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Characterisation of Aluminium and Copper Weld Joints during Friction Stir Welding

Ajay Kumar

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Development of Refrigeration System (Water-Lithium Bromide) Working on Solar Energy

Chandan Kumar, Sabin Mishra, Shailendra Kumar Chaurasiya

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