Abstract: Currently, cancer detection is a difficult, long and invasive process. Cancer is a common condition and where the body cell began too grows and reproduces in an uncontrollable manner. Cancer ranks 2nd after heart disease in causing death. Many times the symptoms are unclear or tumors are detected far into the stages of cancer, especially in the case of breast cancer detection below the age of 40 years. Clinical diagnostics aim to recognize abnormal characteristics as efficiently and quickly as possible. Already, mammography, sonography, ultrasound techniques are available for breast cancer detector but they can give ambiguous report because of higher order granular. Therefore, for solving this problem, in this work optical ring resonator (single and double) and waveguide biosensor have been developed. The optical biosensor is a faster, cheaper alternative for cancer cell detection. With this new machine for cancer screening integrated into the clinic, a more comprehensive healthcare tool would be more widely available to health care professionals. This project addresses optical biosensors. A lens (Virtual blood cell) is placed in the ring resonator which acts as a virtual blood cell, and then light is passed in side ring resonator through waveguide for detection of cancerous cell.  ancerous blood cell and healthy blood cell have been developed by changing the refractive index of cell, while the refractive index of normal cells is 1.30-1.32µm and that of cancerous cell is 1.37-1.40µm.

Keywords: OFRR, Optical Biosensor, Optical Ring Resonator, Optical Wave Guide.

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