Abstract: This paper contains the information about the project named “Wireless Power Transmission”. It is the system for transmitting the electrical power from a transmitting source to load wirelessly using coils. In this project two coils are used, one on the transmitter side called as primary coil and another at the receiver side called as secondary coil. This project is not similar to the wireless signal transmission which is used in cell phones. In this method of transmission, power from electrical source is transmitted in the form of magnetic flux. In this project, the AC power is supplied to the transmitting circuit which converts the AC Power into magnetic flux using primary coil. When secondary coil interacts with this flux, an E.M.F. will be induced in the secondary coil. In this way, electrical power will be transmitted without using wires.

Keywords: Electrical power Transmission, Coils, Magnetic Rays, Flux, E.M.F.

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