Abstract: Convivial, a French word, meaning ‘user friendly’ is a new concept of home automation and security. This project aims to eradicate human efforts by automation. Nowadays, in an era of digitizing everything from a small scale to large scale. The main aim of this project is to make lifestyle easy at the tip of the fingers. Taking into consideration the cost as well as the quality, the idea of this project was developed. The already existing products which are available in the market are either very costly or not as effective as it is needed to be. The existing market provides two different products for the purposes, which has been inculcated in one i.e. automation and security both. The exclusive thing in this project is that it can support multiple room and multiple switches option with a customizable mobile application for controlling the home appliances. The project will make use of ZigBee. It is a technical standard for communication protocols using small, low power, digital radios for personal area networks (PAN), IEEE International Standard 802.15.4, typically operating at 2.4 GHz. It’s target market is low power applications with infrequent data transmission needs. Xbee is Digi International’s in house Zigbee communication module brand.

Keywords: Automation, ZigBee, Raspberry pi, Smart Home, Android Application.

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