Abstract: There is currently an abundance of systems available that is used to aid dumb/deaf people. These systems, though quite effective, are not very user friendly. We believe that, with the use of glove, signs can be translated with more accuracy and better consistency. In our paper, we are proposing a system which will prove to be an improvement to the existing system in terms of accuracy and ease of use. The use of the sensor glove would enable us to use sign language without relying on a computer. The sign language sensor glove proves to be very useful to aid in communication with the deaf. We believe that such a translator could be an effective means of communication to those who are using sign language in their daily life. The proposed scheme recognizes and interprets American Sign Language symbols that have static gestures. American Sign Language is a widely used and accepted standard for communication for people with hearing and speaking impairments. This project aims to alleviate these hurdles by acting as a bridge between Sign Language and Spoken Language to facilitate effective communication. We propose use of a sensor glove interfaced with a processor and display and audio devices which will translate the gestures made by the wearer to a commensurate word in the regular dialect. The model will also have provisions for the user to choose between 2 dialects and provide output based on the user’s choice.

Keywords: American Sign Language; Sensor Glove;Translate; Dialects; Microcontroller; Arduino IDE;  accuracy.

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