Abstract: The sheet glass cutting industries producing waste glass material, which are not recycled at current and usually deliver to landfills for disposal. By using glass powder in concrete as a partial replacement is an interesting possibility for economy on waste disposal sites and conservation of natural resources. Glass is unbalanced in the alkaline environment of concrete and could cause lethal alkali silica reaction problems. This property of glass has been used to advantage by grinding it into a fine powder for incorporation into concrete as a pozzolanic material. In laboratory experiments it can contain the alkalireactivity of coarser glass particles, as well as that of natural reactive aggregates. It undergoes beneficial pozzolanic reactions in the concrete and could replace up to 30% of cement in several concrete mixes with satisfactory strength development. Waste glass powder in proper proportion can be used to resist chemical attack. The aim of this project work is to use glass powder in the range of 5% to 25% as replacement of cement and concrete cube, cylinder and beam strength compared with conventional concrete cubes, cylinder and beam respectively. In these types of work wasteglasses is to be used so the cost will be relatively low when compared with normal concrete. The project work was emphasizing on use of glass materials as partially replacement of cement. Further we extend this research as follows. The outcome of glass materials on compressive strength of concrete as partially replacement of coarse aggregates and fine aggregates can be analyze and studied. The glass powder is the pozzolanic material. For that reason Compressive strength can be analyzed by usingthis materials same as partially replacement of cement in concrete. And also we can determined its optimum dosage range when concrete riches maximum strength. The tensile strength of concrete also can be studied by using glass materials in a concrete.

Keywords: Compressive strength, flexural strength, splitting tensile strength glass powder fly ash.

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