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Abstract: Steel is one of the most widely used construction material for structural systems in modern construction. In recent years, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) sections- which is being an another major type of steel sections and found to be an alternative to the familiar Hot rolled steel sections. Cold formed steel sections are used more and more as primary framing components and as secondary structural components that connects the primary structural frames. Higher strength materials and a wider range of structural applications have caused a most important development in cold formed steel relative to the common heavier hot rolled steel structural member section. This paper deals with the study of properties and behaviour of the cold formed steel sections as a primary structural member which has scope for futuristic technology applications. This paper presents the non-linear finite element analysis of steel beam column connections (cold formed section). Hereby it also provides the experimental results of behaviour of the beam-column connections with the bolted joints. Load behaviour on Cold formed structural steel members with different configurations of bolted joints and their failure modes are analysed. The study covers the following elements
Behaviour of Bolted joint subject to non linear load on I section beam connected to flange and web of I section Column
Behaviour of Bolted joint subject to non linear load on channel section beam connected to flange and web of channel section Column

Keywords: Cold-formed steel, bolted joints, non-linear analysis, load behaviour.

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