Abstract: Cloud computing possesses a wide range of great powerful computing resources at very cheap cost. Outsourcing of complicated and huge computational problems to a cloud relaxes the customers with limited resource as well as imposes a negligible charge. This outsourcing trend must be concerned with security and verifiability of the outsourced data. One of the very popular scientific and engineering problem is Matrix Inversion Computation problem (MIC) motivated us to discover a means which provide security, and robust cheating resistance, and an efficiency on MIC Input/output to a malicious cloud. The security involves key generation and encryption of an input to the cloud and decryption and verification of the output from the cloud. The proposed method enables us to combine the key generation and random permutation generation for the input to the cloud. Therefore there is no need to keep eye on key for security. Also, this algorithm decreases the random permutation time by a factor of 2 and cuts a linear key generation time which saves precious computation time and resource occupation.

Keywords: cloud outsourcing, MIC, data security, cat-map.

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