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Abstract: In the current study enrobing of mutton nuggets incorporated with 40% head and cheek meat was done using gram flour and refined wheat flour. The product was evaluated for its physico-chemical, sensory and storage quality. Physico-chemical parameters included pH, cooking yield and proximate composition. pH of enrobed mutton nuggets was 6.28 and non-significantly higher than control. Mean cooking yield values of control (T0), gram flour enrobed (T1) and refined wheat flour enrobed (T2) mutton nuggets were 81.43%, 104.60% and 102.48% respectively. Proximate composition showed non-significant difference among the treatments with the protein and fat content lower than the control. Storage study of enrobed mutton nuggets was conducted under refrigeration in LDPE bags and the product was evaluated at regular intervals of 5 days during its 20 days storage. There was a progressive increase in pH of the product as well as control. TBA values also showed increasing trend from day 0 to 20th day of storage and mean values of TBA of enrobed mutton nuggets was significantly lower than control. During the storage there was constant increase in total plate count. However the product remained within the acceptability limit upto 10th day of its refrigerated storage.

Key words: Enrobing, nuggets, TBA, TPC.

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